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Clutch Repair: Being Proactive is Key

The clutch is the pedal to the left of the brake pedal found in all vehicles with an automatic transmission. Its function is essential in running your car, and even starting your car, so its purpose is great. There are many components to a clutch and multiple functions it perpetuates. Because of this, it is important to be proactive upon sensing an issue so smaller repairs do not escalate and increase the severity and cost of clutch repair.

Clutch Functionalities

A clutch’s main function is to connect and to disconnect two rotating shafts. Two parts that make up the clutch include the disc of a clutch and the cover. The shafts it controls is the one that comes from the engine and the one that turns the wheels. As the engine is always running while the car is operating but the wheels do not always rotate, it is clear why the clutch is essential to properly operate. One key component in the clutch’s operation regards springs along with pressure. When you press your foot on the clutch pedal, a set of springs retain the a plate pushed against the clutch plate, which is pushed against the fly wheel from the pressure of those same springs. The connection of the shaft to the engine turn the wheels. The clutch pedal helps control the motion or necessary halt of your vehicle.

Clutch Problems

As a driver, you needs to be able to engage with the wheels and disengage the wheels from the engine. This process allows a driver to change gears. If a clutch is not working properly, the driver is not in total control of the vehicle, which is dangerous for the driver, passenger, and threatens the security of all other driver on the road that the driver encounters. For this reason it is important to be proactive and wary of all potential warning signs your clutch may not be in tact, including:

·        Sooner release without usual pressure

·        Difficulty Getting Into Reverse

·        Transmission will not get into gear

·        Noises such as screeching or squealing when changing gears

·        Grinding when switching gears

 How Much Will Clutch Repair Cost Me

Keep in mind clutch repair is not out of the norm and it is component that requires maintenance. The range of how long a clutch should last is varying. It could potentially go out at 50,000 miles or last well past 100,000 miles. Factors that influence this include the style of driving taking place and under what conditions. Because there are multiple functions and actual components to a clutch, cost of repair ranges as well. It can be as low as a few hundred to over $2500.00. For this reason, it is important to maintain your vehicle with a certified auto mechanic and disallow issues to escalate and become more costly for the longevity of your car and your wallet.